AGEPTA is an an innovative European hepatoprotector based on ademetionine in the form of sublingual tablets (resorbed in the oral cavity, under the tongue) to improve liver function in case of eating disorders, alcohol intake, the influence of harmful environmental factors.
Made in Italy.

The sublingual form of the tablet provides a full and direct ademetionine injection into the blood plasma without reducing the activity to which conventional tablets and capsules that pass through the gastrointestinal tract are susceptible.

Do you know that the liver is the largest gland of the body? It performs about 500 biochemical functions.

Everything that a person eats, drinks or breathes, passes through the liver, in which substances harmful to the body are rendered harmless to safe compounds and subsequently removed from the body.

The state of the liver depends on the health of the body and the person’s health.

If there is a violation of the liver, the metabolism of all substances (proteins, fats, carbohydrates, hormones, vitamins) suffers, the condition of the blood coagulation system, the immune system, the balance of microelements is disturbed.

In today’s world, many factors can destroy cells and disrupt the functioning of the liver. These factors include, first of all, alcohol abuse, stress, defeat by viruses, microbes, and a wide list of medicines (today more than 1000 medicines are known, the use of which damages the liver cells).

What is the Ademetionine (SAM-e)?

Ademetionine is amino acid, which is endogenously synthesized in a body from methionine and adenosine and is present almost in all tissues. Three basic mechanisms of hepatoprotective effect of ademetionine are distinguished: cytoprotective (takes part in the structural protein and phospholipid synthesis); antioxidant (takes part in the synthesis of glutathione – the natural antioxidant); anticholestatic (takes part in sulfonation of the toxic bile acids).
Ademetionine penetrates the blood-brain barrier and takes part in the metabolism of dopamine, adrenaline, noradrenaline, serotonin, melatonin and histamine, which synthesis can be disturbed in case of ademetionine deficiency.

Nutritional disorders, for example, B12 vitamins’ and folic acid’s deficiency and/or liver damage (of alcoholic or non-alcoholic origin), promote the reduction of endogenous ademetionine concentration, which results in disorder of detoxification and antioxidant liver function.

Endogenous administration of ademetionine promotes acceleration of the liver tissue regeneration, fibrosis slowing down and improvement of the liver function laboratory test results, and also has anti-depressive effect.

How to help the liver?

To improve liver function and correct the effects of harmful factors, experts recommend admission administration of ademetionine (injectable and inside).

Ademetionine improves the energy status of liver cells, restores the structure of their membranes, improves the cells’ ability to restore, and has an antioxidant effect. When the course is taken, the analysis parameters are normalized, the state of health and mood improve.

It is known that the best way to administer ademetionine is injectable, however, this requires certain skills, time and considerable costs. In view of these factors, after a short-term use of injections, they switch to the administration of tablets or capsules of ademetionine. Unfortunately, conventional ademethionine tablets (that are dissolved inside intestine) are less effective than its injections.

Therefore, to improve the transport of ademetionine into the blood, sublingual tablets of AGEPTA have been developed, which ensure the high-level delivery of ademetionine into the circulatory system.

Категория: Improvement of liver function

AGEPTA: product features
Dietary supplement

Product form: 20 sublingual tablets.

Dosage: Each tablet contains 400 mg of ademetionine.

What does the preparation of AGEPTA give?
The intake of AGEPTA helps restore the weakened function of the liver cells, increases their resistance to the action of harmful factors.

Who will benefit from AGEPTA?
AGEPTA can be taken to correct the liver function, violated as a consequence of alcohol abuse, the influence of harmful environmental factors, viruses, bacteria, drugs, under the influence of stress or toxic substances. Improving the liver after taking AGEPTA helps to normalize the test results, improve well-being and mood.

How to take AGEPTA?
The tablet from the blister must be removed before intake only.
Adults may take 1 tablet 2 times a day, keep under the tongue until completely dissolved (on average, 10-15 minutes).
In connection with the concomitant tonic effect of ademetionine, the administration of AGEPTA before bedtime is not advisable.
Duration of the intake course is 30 days, unless the doctor has appointed otherwise.

Individual intolerance of components, pregnancy and bipolar psychosis.
At administration of antidepressants or monoamine oxidase inhibitors, you should consult a physician on the possibility of AGEPTA administration.

Shelf-life: 2 years.

Country of production: Italy.

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